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Figure 4 Enterprises Inc. creates databases and websites that improve business processes by providing positive experiences for end users while also increasing productivity of those managing information.

Figure 4 specializes in leveraging database and website technology to create dynamic, data-driven websites that can be tailored to user needs while being easier to keep current and accurate. And Figure 4 websites can easily be adapted to changing user needs and owner capabilities as these evolve.


Figure 4 uses Microsoft Access to create rich, user-friendly databases tailored to customer needs. This can be as a stand-alone productivity application or as part of a data-driven website.

Clients are provided with a manual that clearly and concisely explains database design and function.

Typical Database Assignments/Examples


Figure 4 designs websites with a premium on:



asp.netFigure 4 Enterprises specializes in ASP.NET web technology. ASP.NET is Microsoft technology that facilitates the development of rich, interactive websites. Technologies such as PHP are also popular, and can be used if they are considered to better serve client needs.

Website Examples


Fees are based on agreed upon hourly, daily, or project rates, depending on size and complexity of the project.

In some cases, Figure 4 Enterprises Inc. may consider performance-based or profit-sharing arrangements in exchange for services provided.

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