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CGAP: Consultative Group to Assist the Poor 
CGAP is a consortium of 33 public and private development agencies working together to expand access to financial services for the poor in developing countries. CGAP was created by these aid agencies and industry leaders to help create permanent financial services for the poor on a large scale.
Type: Website   Rating: 5   RSS:   (30/03/2007)
Microfinance Gateway 
Comprehensive online resource for the microfinance industry operated by CGAP/World Bank.
Type: Website   Rating: 5   RSS:   (17/10/2007)
MIX Market 
A global, web-based microfinance information source, providing information on microfinance institutions in order to link MFIs worldwide with investors and donors. Information includes: MFI data, such as outreach, impact and financial data; donor/investor profiles; and country development indicators.
Type: Website   Rating: 5   RSS:   (28/10/2006)
SEEP Network 
The goal of the Small Enterprise Education and Promotion (SEEP) Network is to advance the practice of microfinance and micro and small enterprise development throughout the world. A global organization based in Washington, DC, it claims to be the leading international network and promoter of best practicies in enterprise development and financial services.
Type: Website   Rating: 5   RSS:   (26/10/2006)
Good Practice Guidelines for Funders of Microfinance (Dec. 2006) 
CGAP publication: "Thirty years of lessons learned, translated into operational advice for development agencies, foundations, social and commercial investors, international NGOs, and others that help build financial systems that work for poor people."
Type: .PDF document   Rating: 4   RSS:   (02/04/2007)
Rural Finance Learning Center 
Lots of learning resources for microfinance institutions and for small entrepreneurs.
Type: Website   Rating: 4   RSS:   (29/10/2006)
UNCDF - Microfinance 
United Nations Capital Development Fund's motto is "buliding inclusive financial sectors that serve poor and low income people." Lots of data and facts on impact of microfinance, various documents and reports, and info related to the 'MicroStart' program, which is designed to assist institutional development of MFIs.
Type: Website   Rating: 4   RSS:   (29/10/2006)
Green Microfinance, LLC 
Green Microfinance™ strives to be a global leader in the field of microfinance in advocating the use of sustainable energy by microenterprises and microfinance institutions.  GMf™ services include renewable energy lending and financing for biofuels.  Green Microfinance also has an open source portal, Green Microfinance Resource Library, an extensive database of papers and links to sustainable development - microfinance as it relates to the environment.
Type: Website   Rating: 3   RSS:   (16/01/2008)

Sustainable development

Guide to Business Development Services and the Environment 
A sub-section of the SEEP "Online Guide to Business Development Services", provides information on ensuring that BDS programs are either positive or neutral, so they can contribute to business growth and environmental conservation and management. It explains how linking BDS and the environment can lead to sustainable environmental and business benefits and how addressing environmental concerns can enhance BDS program goals. Contains links to various resources.
Type: Website   Rating: 5   RSS:   (12/04/2007)
EcoVentures International 
EcoVentures International (EVI) explores and implements innovations in sustainable livelihoods & sustainable development. EVI is recognized for new approaches to effective youth programs, environmental microenterprise strategies, & collaborative community development.
Type: Website   Rating: 2   RSS:   (10/04/2007)


Economist Country Briefing of Russia 
Concise and up to date information on Russian social and economic trends.
Type: Website   Rating: 5   RSS:   (01/11/2007)
Kamchatka Biodiversity Conservation Project 

News and information on the the UNDP/GEF Project "Kamchatka Biodiversity Conservation."

Type: Website   Rating: 3   RSS:   (01/11/2007)

SME development

Small Business B.C. 
A federal/provincial government initiative providing comprehensive information on business development from idea to start-up to expansion. BC specific but with many resources applicable to small businesses everywhere.
Type: Website   Rating: 4   RSS:   (19/10/2007)
Small Business Guides 
Collection of small business guides from Small Business BC. Includes sample business plans, 'how-to' start-up guides, various other helpful resources for small-business start-up.
Type: Website   Rating: 4   RSS:   (19/10/2007)
Social Enterprise Associates - Resources 
An array of helpful articles and other resources related to trends and developments in social enterprise and microfinance.
Type: Website   Rating: 4   RSS:   (17/10/2007)
Business Development Bank of Canada 
Financing and consulting services for small-medium sized businesses, with an emphasis on entrepreneurial ventures. Greater flexibility and broader range of services than most banks.
Type: Website   Rating: 3   RSS:   (19/10/2007)
Pan Canadian Community Futures Network 
Gateway to hundreds of community economic development offices throughout Canada, offering a variety of support for small business, including loans, self-employment subsidies, training, and more.
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